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Colorado Wedding Videography


You deserve to have a personal video that you will love. Weddings move fast and when it comes to managing all of the details, we still want you to focus on enjoying the moment. That's why we don't limit the amount of hours, equipment, or videographers you will receive on any package you decide to put together. We want couples to focus on their day while knowing that we will be there to to capture those elegant, silly, and emotional moments throughout the day.

We come from a background of storytelling through experimental, narrative, and documentary films. Tell us about your story! 

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Will Jones

I discovered the unique energy surrounding weddings when I was asked to film some of my friends' weddings while still in college. Whether it is the day itself or anecdotes told through the toasts, there is always a great story to be found. Wedding videos create an emotion that is truly personal because of how much it emphasizes family, friends, and loved ones. I am grateful to be filming weddings professionally and I would be honored to work with you.

If you'd like to know some specifics about me, I pursued my passion of film and literature at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying Film Production and English Literature. Before starting ON THE LINE Productions, I worked at the University of Denver as the Video Lead in the Department of Digital Media Services.  But I've been doing my own freelance work for four years now and do other work with production companies in Denver along with filming weddings.